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  • Complete Pandit Ji theme Kitty Party End to End
    Pandit Ji Theme Kitty Party WHatsapp Invitation : I sent an whatsapp photo invite with pandit ji pictures and text was written in Hindi.

    करे नवरात्रे का शुभ शुरुवात,पंडित जी के साथ ||
    दिनांक: 2 अप्रैल
    समय : 4:00 बजे
    समयनिष्ठा : 4:00 – 4:15
    वस्त्र : संजातीय(ethnic)
    स्थान : ग्रैंड प्लाजा
    पंडित जी की भविष्यवाणी
    धोती बांधना सिख कर आये तो अत्यंत लाभ होगा |
    Alternatively, you can purchase this invite from our website

    Pandit Ji kitty Theme Decor and Food : We had pasted posters of differnt types of pandit ji with and some labels such as pahaad wale baba, Naga Sadhu, Jyotishi Corner, Vibhuti Baba and more. In some cases we replaced the pandit ji face photo with member photos and that was hillarious. You can order these posters from our website or create them yourself. For food , since it was a navratri kitty we ordered navratri thali, samake, fresh lime, kheer, pakode and things like that. But yes that is optional and you can order food as per member choice. We also made a photobooth with pandit ji theme props. We also created Pandit ji theme money stickers and pasted them on shagun envelope for a more personalised touch. Again, this stuff can be purchased at our website

    Pandit ji Theme Kitty Party Game
    Punctuality Game : This is a very easy game in which host has to make some slips that have some lines written on it. Make it according to the number of members in your kitty group. Member who get आज आपको लाभ होगl and मंगलमय समय will get the punctuality. Ypu can find details of this game at below link

    Tambola Games : We had kept 2 tambola games that were based on this pandit ji kitty party theme. You can purchase this tambola from our website and

    Now the twist we gave in this tambola game was that we created a big money potli with some real currency notes such as 10, 20 , 50 and 100 and some fake notes from either business board game or monopoly. The name of potli was pandit ji ki dakshina. In this game, when a members wins the dividend or a price she will take out a handful of notes from that potli and keep all the rea notes with herself and put fake notes back in the potli. This will continue till all the dividends are over. The other tambola that we kept on pandit ji theme was word strike tambola that can also be found on our website for sale.
    Group games/paper Game : Here we divided the team in group of 4 and gave them 10 minutes to complete 5 tasks. The team who completes all the 5 tasks first wins.
    1) Dress Like a Pandit ji : Here host had to arrange 5 things that are Dhoti cloth , rubber band, Chandan tilak, moli and a mala. Give this to each team. Now the team has to dress a member like a pandit. Each prop get 2 points.
    Dress up a Pandit Ji
    • Dhoti: 2 points
    • Maala : 2 points
    • Tilak : 2 points
    • Juda : 2 points
    Moli : 2 points
    2) Selfie With Pandit Ji
    In this game team has to take a group selfie with the following people and each selfie fetch some points. We kept below pointers but you can add and modify according to your needs.
    a. Selfie with pandit and whole Team
    b. Selfie with waiter
    c. Selfie with 2 other pandits
    d. Selfie with hosts
    Each selfie gets 2.5 pts
    3) Paper Game : The 3rd game for this Pandit ji theme was a paper game in which members solve a paper riddle. You can purchase this riddle from the below link.
    4) Kundli Match : In this game we wrote day of births and name for some random bride and groom amd team members using their mobile phone have to check how many guns match for each of them. Again this paper game can be brought for us or you can create it yourself.

    Tie and Untie a Moli : We gave moli to each member and first told them that they have to tie maximum number of knots in the moli. Next we told held this information with us and at a lter stage told them to untie the knots in 1 minute. Member with least number if knots on her moli wins.

    This was all in all our Pandit ji Theme kitty party which was fun he had a great time and it was something different. Below are the links where you can find all the stuff.
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