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  • Poem On School Theme Kitty Party
    With tiny legs
    we walked through sands,
    Bags and books
    At back and in hands.
    Bare footed in group
    Always we moved,
    Having our meals
    That mothers cooked.
    Together we moved
    In the open sun
    Walking and running
    There was fun.
    Sat on plain floor
    Opened our books,
    Teachers were calm,
    Friendly in looks.

    The days are gone
    Leaving me none.
    Except few moments,
    And teacher's comments.
    Friends are far, lost
    Never to get at any cost,
    All are settled by time's call.
    I do remember, miss them all
  • Food Menu For The School Theme Kitty Party
    Let's go back to the childhood days and reminisce the candies and food, We used to eat chat molas, aam papad, rasna, aam pachan, pim poms, rochak etc. So let's enjoy these candies once again by adding them in food menu of the party. Everything from appetizers and drinks, to main dishes, sides and desserts are covered, helping you come up with a delicious and easy back-to-school kitty party without a hassle! In compliance with the theme cater for the junk food like momos, pizzas, pastas, maggi, chocolates, toffees and ice ceams.
  • Dress Code For School Theme Kitty Party
    Men can wear plain shirts with pants, black shoes and white sox.
    Women can wear check or plain shirt with white salwar, two ponytails with ribbon or hair band and a belt.
    The ideal dress code would be any dress related to school uniform. You can also dress up as your favorite character you want to be in your life from your childhood for ex. Nurse, teacher, lawyer etc. or can dress up as your favorite cartoon character like Chhota Bheem, Superman etc.
  • School Theme Kitty Party Decorations
    Creative back-to-school party decorations and table centerpieces allow you to make your party hall feel unusually festive, bright and cheerful. Simple paper craft ideas and items that you already have at home, school supplies, books and colorful plastic plates and glasses help save money on back-to-school party decor, and make this step a little easier and more pleasant for your guests. You can use black scrap sheets which can be used as black board on which you can write formulas and thoughts and paste it on the wall of your hall. Place one table and chair in the middle for the teacher. By this way a proper atmosphere of classroom can be created.
  • School - Reminiscing The Good Old Days In The Kitty Party
    School days are the best days of one's life. No one can ever forget these days. So let's board the bus of old school memories and get excited to experience the difference. A great way to remember your bachpan is to have a theme kitty party called Bachpan or childhood which recollects your old memories and how we use to play outdoor games like pitthoo,flying kites, latto, chor police, gulli danda, stapu, chupan chupai in scorching heat during summer and also use to play some indoor games like Ludo, carom, X and O (Tic Tac Toe), snakes and ladder, name place animal thing, statue/freeze, business etc.

    Subdue the sadness with a back to school celebration this kitty and get inspired by the back to school party ideas.
  • School :The Fiesta of friendship

    SCHOOL : An Educational term
    It is such type of learning that we are getting from our guiders or teachers,gives you the primary as well as the secondary knowledge.This is the only place where your learning power will increase & you will learn each and every habits here in school only.
    The place that is very essential for every student.They are participating in the cultural activities,they always take interest in sports .So the main point is they are learning from every activities and that's the motive of schools.Every school has different way of teaching but the education they are grasping is same.
    The knowledge that students have nowadays,all they got from school first and it depends upon the way of teaching that how the teacher is giving education to them.So we can say on few percentage that Teacher also plays a very important role in student's life.
    Its that time of the year ,what you are throwing for the kiddos .When children enter school they regards learning as a pleasurable experience and it's important that children get positive attitude by offering stimulating and enjoyable experiences.The knowledge and skills that children acquire, along with positive attitudes to learning that children develop in these years, all form the basis of effective learning for the future.They learn to deal with their feelings, interact with children and adults, and resolve conflicts. They develop their imagination and creativity and discover how to solve problems.

    Some questions also arises when someone has to select the school because it is very important for child's future.

    * What is the purpose of teaching study in different way and what is the school's role?

    * What will be the role of curriculum ?
    * what type of facilities the school is giving to child?
    * How is the environment of the school?
    * is school providing print rich environment?
    * how is the infrastructure of school?
    so these type of questions that comes in every parent's mind.So the school management provides such a facilities to the child that anyone can observe that skills & knowledge in child's behaviour.

    Here have some back to school party inspiration and we will go through the things that make our freshers party more pleasurable.

    # When student wants to go in new session of the year, in starting they want some fun .So for them we can organise a fresher party.For this we have some great ideas how to organise the party ,which type of theme you can select ,dress code also you can find here and how you can serve your dishes in different ways.

    # You can prepare one drama related to school like how we are learning in school,how we all are stranger in beginning & making our memories by stranger to friends,how we are giving exams, how we are doing fun in school,how we are sharing our lunch box with others at recess time.So this type of live act you can prepare for showing the school life.
    # One more act you can prepare on education -what the meaning of education that you can expressed in this act in your own words.
    # You can make some title for freshers & can give according to the first impression of new students.
    # of course so many dance performance ,singing performance
    # Make some slips with writing characters in that & distribute this all to freshers,they will do acting of same character that is written in their slips.


    As we are talking about school party decoration,it should be related to your school theme so for that you can do the proper use of chalk board to write education thoughts like 'LEARNING IS ONE OF THE SPECIFIC WAY TO OUR SUCCESS'.

    * The title of party as Freshers party ,you can write the letters on square shape paper by using the cutting of different colour charts & make two hole on the top side of square paper with punching machine.First put F,R,E,S,H,E,R,S in one strip of ribbon & hang it on the main location then in another strip of ribbon,put the letters P,A,R,T,Y & hang it just below the 'FRESHERS' word.

    * For writing the fresher party in attractive way just take the alphabet balloons , blow the letters that you want and hang it in word sequence ' FRESHERS PARTY'.

    * Take four boxes of medium size & cover it with white chart paper ,make small small circles everywhere with black colour marker and then write 2019 as on one box 2 ,on other box 0 like this just write the numbers separately on the boxes whichever year is going on or you can paste the numbers on it Then what you have to do this put these boxes one on another in zigzag position and keep one beautiful cap or if you you want so you can keep 2-3 books that should be covered with printed sheet. It will look more classy.

    * You can place a small red carpet from where the students & teachers will enter & Place some jar, on the both sides of red carpet,fill it with some school stationery things like fill one transparent jars with pencils,one with eraser,one with scales,one with small toy books,one with pencil colours, one with colourful taps,one with colourful chalks and such things that you are in school.

    * Place one plastic plant or you can take small original one then take rectangle shape cards, & write some special things about your school as your school qualities, do hole on the top of it ,put small ribbon in that and hang it all cards on the sticks of plant & make sure the school logo and name should be there on the card. It is a very unique thing & will give good impact for your school.

    * Make one session for photos also cover that wall with plastic grass strips and on grass place some white & pink plastic flowers then in between place one square or heart shape cardboard ,paste some stickers on cardboard to make it creative .

    * If there is any transparent mirror door ,then you can hang grey & pink colour balloons in bulk with ribbon.when you will see so many balloon at one place only on door ,you will feel amazed.

    It can be the party is for science department only so here have some creative things related to their subject:

    * In your party hall ,you can hang some wind chime in which planets,air ships,aeroplane,stars should be there & on another wall ,you can make the image of sky showing night view.First cover the wall with black charts then make one moon,mars,Saturn,Jupiter,earth like all these planet then paste it on wall that is covered with black chart.

    * You can take 10-20 transparent jar & put strings of light (Diwali lights) & these jars you can place on any stage or any where in the hall where you will fell that it will look effective.


    Outfit is the thing that every student is excited about.So just choose the dress code as kids should also feel satisfied with their dress code.
    When we are talking about school so one thing that is compulsory in school and that is School Dress so you can decide the code ,all have to come in school dress & they will remind this theme during the whole year

    * You can decide some western dress like for girls,crop top & skirt and for boys,shirt & pant.

    * if you want any traditional type of dress,then girls can wear sari & boys can wear kurta pyjama.

    * You can decide code in colours like girls can dress up in white & boys can wear black coat pant.


    we are organising the freshers party in school,so if you know that one thing that is common & beautiful memory for all the kids 'tiffin box' so you can follow such theme like you can have your serve the food in tiffin instead of plates.
    So if you serving in tiffin box so the container in which you will keep your food that should also be in tiffin shape or the food container is not available in tiffin shape then cover your containers with printed sheets with pictures of food and tiffin.

    * Cover one table with light colour cloth then place the colourful cupcakes shaped the number of your year like 2019 or whichever is going on .Take the different colour flavour in cupcakes so it will look vibrant.

    * Make one table for candies of different shapes and colour ,place some sticks of the written tags in jar like 'Book worm,honour rolls,teacher's pet,smarty pants,study breaks,achievement,congrats,advice,well wishes like these type of tags you can make and put it jar on candies.

    * Now let's talk about the dishes ,what type of dishes you can keep in party, You can keep sandwiches ,its very light food so all likes to eat this and as you know children loves to bring sandwiches most of the time so have some dishes that are related to their lunch box's dishes.
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