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  • Spring time of march month
    MARCH is the third month of the year in calendars. The name is so appropriate as the march is the perfect month for farmers to go to farming. March gets its name from the god of war who was also regarded as a guardian of agriculture. It's one of the seven months that have 31 days. It comes after February with only 28 days. It is interesting that the shortest month comes between two long months.
    March is the most exciting month to host a party because the weather is finally warming up and there are lots of reason to celebrate. There are many holidays and observances that fall in the month of March. we believe that these events are more special and memorable. If you are planning a party, you should consider applying a theme based on some of the various happenings this month.

    Meaning of this month name -

    The traditional name of March has some meaning to the name of this month because all months have it's own different speciality so as we are talking about march month, when the earth becomes dry enough so that it is possible to cultivate, Representing the beginning signs of spring, blooming buds and falling back an hour. Such a great month to start being outside more and enjoying the weather.

    The celebration of March month -

    MARCH - Spring is almost in the air

    * Spring & Easter usually comes in March. Spring occurs on the first day of March. During March, earth finally becomes visible under the snow. so this is time to buy spring apparel. The best part of March is that its springtime and with it comes renewed hope of the year.

    - If you are planning to for party during the month of March. surely you want to do something unique for your party.

    The beautiful birthstone for March is Aquamarine or the colour of the sea. It is a gorgeous blue colour to it so you can throw a blue party or sea party, how cute would that be for a themed party and don't forget about the amazing flower too.

    * HOLI, the bright & vibrant festival, that celebrated in this march month & this year the upcoming Holi festival will be celebrated on 21 March. Some special days are also there in March month that features the wonderful occasions that marks the first day of spring during the month of March. It's sure that it will be filled with great holidays with lots of ideas for a party to go along with them.

    - Throw a craft party as craft month
    - Host a pasta party as national noodle month
    - ASH Wednesday on 6th March
    - DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME on 10th march
    - IDES OF MARCH on 15th march
    - ST.PATRICK'S DAY on 17th march
    - MARCH MADNESS from 17th to 23rd March

    Along with these great holidays and observances, there are also holidays like Share a smile day, national pound cake day, potato chips day, submarine day. All these special days would be easy to plan a themed party around. If you are planning a party in March, Take one of these themes and run with it.

    Ideas of decorating for these parties -

    To host your party, You will need to find or manage proper place or creative material for decoration purpose.

    If you and your guests enjoy nature or being outdoors, we recommend throwing ''START OF SPRING' gathering.

    Umbrella decoration theme -

    - Decoration should be in an artistic way to choose a place where you can throw your theme party with using colourful tent placement somewhere outside, keep cushions, according to the strength of the members in the party, on sofas or chairs covered with cloth. Upper side hangs so many different types of colourful & printed open umbrellas.

    - Flowers are great for decoration and bright spring colours can be added by blowing different colour of balloons and spread it everywhere in your party place. Take some stickers or big pictures of weather & place it or paste it on the wall or wherever you find some empty space. And if you are throwing March madness party, consider inviting some basketball decorations such as orange and black balloons to hang it somewhere in the place. Have some candles also in your room so the flame of candles will make your room so charming while in dim light.

    - You can make up your own holiday day. Get creative things because this is a unique opportunity to pull off any type of themed party. Like if your theme is 'Favourite celebrity ' so you can have some mask of celebrities and place it on a table or hang it on the wall. One more thing you can do write some famous dialogues of celebrity on the chart then hang or paste it on the wall. Take big glitter stars & hanging lamp and hang it in corners.

    Make sure you will consider our March party ideas and make the most of this month by throwing an epic themed party.


    Theme parties always look attractive because in that we have always decided to do something unique & there should be some similarities in their dress or similarities in keeping props with you. So overall in a theme party, clothing of a specified kind for men & women. Here have some exciting ideas about your ornaments.

    - Dress code should be related to your themed like if you are throwing any party of favourite celebrity then you should dress up as your favourite celebrity. It will look like a proper Bollywood party. So your costume should be matched with any of the celebrity that you like,

    - If you are following the umbrella decoration theme, So you can keep your outfit by wearing long flayer dresses with an umbrella in hand. It will match with your decorating theme.


    March is national frozen food month and a lot of popular food. First of all, you always think about the snacks for all the members that are present in your party. here I have some different & easy ideas for snacks.

    - Serve some popcorns, corns, Dhokla for salty snack options

    - Cupcakes & cookies, the combo that you can serve after the meal or before a meal also. It is the speciality of this combo that you can use it for dessert and as well as you can include it in snacks. So It will look more classy to serve this.

    - Dessert should be feature like ice-cream sundaes of vanilla & chocolate flavour to end your event on a sweet note.

    - For spring party , some liquid options should also be there so for that fresh fruit juice , shakes & mojito flavours
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