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  • The waves are calling summer

    Summer is that time on the calendar when everything comes to rejoice. One is not bound to timmings of the day time. One can wake up as early as five and go to sleep even at twelve p.m. The weather is quite a bit hot and stinky but it can be controlled with air conditioners. One can enjoy all the exotic delicacies.It is a nice and celebrated season all over the world but is especially an enjoyed one in India. For most of the school students, it is also a season of vacations. It is the only season in the year for them when one can get a relaxation for more than a month. The warm weather is super perfect for any outdoor one wishes to do. Also, it is a kind of a parol from the prison of waking up early in the morning, going for school. It is also that part in the year in which one gets the feel of heaven in the swimming pool. It feels as if ones flying in the air and that feeling can be mingled with only in the season of summers. There are many fruits and veggies exotic to summers. This also creates it a festival favourite to many. Overall one might think that summers are very much similar to festivities Diwali, Holi, Christmas and many others.The only difference is that those are celebrated but summers are lived.

    In this season,

    This time the best food items you can have are Ice creams that is perfect for summer & everyone likes it.

    * Milkshakes or different type of shake's flavour are availabe so you can choose.

    * Pakoras everything can be enjoyed with no fear of health issues.

    * Prepare few small tutti fruity with bright colour fruits and decor.

    * Sandwiches are better & very lightweight also in this season and people love to eat cool sandwich in this lovely temperature.

    * On your table ,place all the colourful things like if you placed cups should be of different-different colour,same as spoons or other things.

    * Have some ice-creams in bowl with chocolate pudding & place it on table with your cake.

    Decorate the shiny environment -

    The bright sunshine is itself like the lights of a party, a celebration. The summer is more of a festival in itself than a season.summer is that season in which you would love to do pool parties & If you’re finding and summer party ideas, you’re at the right place.Here have so many different types of ideas of how to celebrate summer season, you can get here easily .This summer season feels like fruity, vibrant.

    * Cover one table with sky blue colour cloth then place half watermelon that should be empty from inside & pour pomegranate juice(because it's also of red colour as inside part of watermelon) in half empty watermelon then place 3-4 glasses of juice on table near to that watermelon,ice on one bowl.It will look so attractive because instead of jar of juice ,you can use half watermelon 7 fill it with juice.

    * on a white background wall,just some of the pictures of food & place one table and on table you can keep your fruit cake or some small flower pots & near to the table ,place so many plastic fruits there,will look so vibrant & attractive & you can place some cupcakes on that table if place left somewhere on table.

    * Have some stick props for fun like umbrella stick,watermelon stick,sunglasses stick,cap sticks,sun sticks,ice-cream sticks as like so many things that is related to your summer season.

    * Hang so many colourful umbrella in your hall or anywhere in the backyard where you are celebrating.Make a big orange colour star wish on chart & paste it on any board ,place it there where you have wrote summer season with big letters or you can paste alphabet stickers to write summer.

    * Take a cooked noodles or maggi & put long noodles in different painting colours & you can hang it somewhere you want to do decoration.

    * You can make ocean on one wall ,for that what you have to do is cover the wall with blue colour bedsheet or big dupatta & hang starfish ,marmaid,sea-horse,octopus,fishes,whale,shells or so many things that you can see in water.

    * Take a paper plate ,make grass & wishes with playdough ( clay)& paste it on that like this make so many sea on paper plate or place wherever you want.Make small rainbows with vibrant playdough.


    * You can wear very lightweight dresses like long flair dress.Most fashion designers have there dresses designed for summer theme.

    * summer colours like peach colour are liked the most for fashion and are inspired by the season.

    * Wear any flower print dress or frock or men can wear the shirt of same print ( flower print).

    * As a themed party,wear any white colour dress and green colour bouquet in your hand as decoration also you can do with same white & green colour combination.

    * You can dress up in orange colour in this season party,men can wear formal white & orange colour shirt with black trouser.

    * Half sleeve short dresses, t-shirts, shorts are all the common things to wear,Open clothes let air in and cool the body
  • 5 Themes For your Summer Kitty Party
    Summer Party Invitation
    To invite your friends for a party you can either send a handmade card or you can send an e-card on WhatsApp.
    Take a plain white paper sheet and fold it from the centre, now make pictures of sun, flip-flop, bucket and cocktail glass at the front side of the card. You can draw the picture of cool blue ocean inside the card and write the invitation wordings over it. You can also deliver sunglasses by pasting it inside the card, so that guest can feel the summer party vibes. You can send invitations through whatsapp by using emojis of ice -cream and sun.

    Dress Code: Yellow, green or blue…Wear your shade of hue.
    All cool friends are invited to enjoy the first dip of summer hosted by (your name).

    Kitty Themes For your Summer Party
    Beach theme
    Beat the Heat with Summer Retreat can be your Kitty Theme this summer.
    You can use plenty of beach balls and colorful balloons and hang them from the wall. You may also create a mini beach with playground sand and pool sets . Decorate picnic tables with colorful paper table mats and dishes. Use margarita glasses with twisty straws for the look of a cool summer party . You can also use ribbons, straws , props that you can purchase from us to decorate the venue.
    1) Punctuality game :: You can buy summer table mats from us and then place a chit under each mat. One chit will contain message This Summer brings a lot of cash for you. Happy Summer to you. The players whose mat has this message wins. Alternatively, you can also place a special coloured ice cube in a drink and member who picks that drinks wins the punctuality.
    2) Tambola Game : You can buy some exciting tambola games from us at the links mentioned below. They have some funny call outs which will make the tambola hilarious. Apart from that you can also keep a punishment tambola. In this member will be given a price when she completes a dividend and after that completes a dare the host has given. Dares can be Drink this mocktail in 1 minute. Click a selfie with 3 waiters in 1 minute. Sing a song on Summer theme. Speak 10 summer related words in 20 seconds.
    3) Game-2 The Tacky Tourist Race : This is a team game . Put sets of “tourist gear” containing items like a beach hat, sunglasses, skirts, shorts, Flowery half shirt , pail and shovel, toy camera etc. Have your guests divide in teams. For this relay all team members begin at a start line. One member from each team has to run towards the table on which the tourist items are kept , come back with one item and give it to a member of his team who has to wear all the items .The team whose members do their job first gets to win. You can read the detail at below link
    4) Game 3 : Paper Game- Unjumble the Summer Related words: In this game some summer related words will be given and the members have to unjumble these words in 1 minute. The first 1 or the member who does maximum number of it in 1 minute wins the game.
    5) Make the beach babes: This is an interesting game for beach theme party. In this game players have to decorate the soda bottles like a girl going to beach.
    6) Musical TowelsThis game is just like musical chair. In this game players have to walk on beach towels and as the music stops they have to sit on that.

    Hawaiian theme kitty party
    What comes to mind when you think of palm trees, beautiful beaches, luaus and hula dances. Hawaii and “Aloha” state. Do you know what aloha means. Aloha is the Hawaiian word meaning love. This Theme is always a hit and members enjoy it a lot in summer. It gives them the GOA feel.
    You invite can be same as that of your summer theme Kitty Party

    Dress code
    Guests can wear Hawaiian-style flower print or island themed shirts, board shorts or long pants and sarongs.
    Al lot of games will be similar to that of Summer theme Kitty party but we have also mentioned games that are exclusive to Hawaiian theme Party.
    1) Pineapple bowling game
    Set up five to ten pineapples “pins” about 15 – 20 feet away from each team. Take turns trying to knock down the most pineapples by using coconuts as bowling balls.
    2) Hula dance
    Make everyone stand in a circle, ask all the members to twist your body accordingly. As when host says orange twist your waist left, on apple twist your waist right, banana back, pineapple twirl your waist 3 times. Member who moves in wrong way will get out of the game and the member who keep herself till the end of the dance, will be the winner of the game.
    3) Tambola : Tambola Forms a major part of any theme kitty party and you can buy some amzing stuff from this website.
    4) Word search game
    Ask your members to search hawaii related words in the print given paper. Lady who find maximum words in one minute will be the winner. Words can be given in the print paper as ladies might does’nt know the words related to hawaii theme.
    5) Dart The Umbrellas : In this game Hostess need to arrange a big umbrella with paper umbrella toothpicks ( stick them with cello tape) on outer part of it, place it at a distance of 2-3 meter a thermocol sheet. What ladies need to do is to pick up a paper umbrella from the big umbrella and throw it so that the umbrella sticks on the thermocol.
    Ice Cream Theme Kitty Party
    Ladies come and let’s beat the heat with this super-fun, super-sweet party that will have all the ladies craving for more. Best theme for summers. Venue, Time, Place and Date.
    Decorate your house with balloons and streamers, it is an easy and inexpensive way to make the kitty party look colorful and exciting. One can add a few balloons and hand made ice cream cones on walls. Dress code : Ladies can wear colorful clothes with Ice creams accessories.
    1) Punctuality Game : This game can be same as the summer theme party. In some table mats hide a chit with a message.
    2) Blindfold taste party
    Play a Guess the Flavor game by making ladies blindfold and then tasting the ice cream. Lady who tells maximum right flavours will be the winner.
    3) Collect the Ducks: Things required:- rubber ducks, kids pool with water, fishing net
    Hostess need to place 9-10 rubber ducks in a kids pool with water. Before putting them in water write numbers on the bottom of the duck with marker and in one minute time ask the ladies to take out maximum ducks with the help of fishing net. Points will be according to the numbers written at the bottom of each duck.
    4) Stack the Candies on Ice Cream Stick : To play this game all you need are a few candies and the ice cream sticks. Just like other one minute party games, when this game starts, players will hold the ice-cream stick in their mouths and stack the candies on it. The member who manages to balance maximum number of candies on the stick will be the winner of this party game.

    5) Tambola Games: You can buy some amazing Tambola tickets on this theme from below link.

    Back to School Kitty Party Theme

    A great way to remember your Bachpan or childhood is to have a back to Scool theme party which recollects your old memories, We all think fondly of our younger days, so why not recreate a little of the fun as adults?
    Dressing up as a favorite character from your childhood, or as what you wanted to be when you grew up. You can use balloons and streamers for the decoration .Borrow the soft toys and posters from your kids’ room for this theme . Have a colour or theme for your decor and tableware. You can set up a photo booth and buy props from below link

    1) Matchstick Equations:This is an interesting game for mathematics theme party game. In this game players have to make maximum equations with match sticks in roman numbers.

    2) Activity Game/Group Game : Game-3 This is an activity game. You can divide the ladies into teams and Ask them to dress up a member as a school girl and accomplish the following tasks-
    1. Cover the notebooks and keep them in the bag 2. Solve a maths/current affairs exam paper 3. Write an essay on my mother. The candidate will have to recite the essay in front of the chief guest.
    Let the judges decide who is the best. Do not forget to provide the guests with stationery and other required stuff.
    3) Make the Alphabet : This is a team game. You can cut some alphabets on chart paper and give them to the ladies and ask them to make the biggest word possible out of those alphabets.
    4) Roman Numbers: This is an interesting game for school or childhood theme party game. In this game players have to make roman numbers using match sticks in one minute.
    5) Tambola Games: You can buy some amazing Tambola tickets on this theme from below link.

    Fruit Theme Kitty Party
    Summer is the season f fruits and we all love Mango, litchis, water melon, melon and more. So host a party Celebrating these fruits.

    Host of the kitty party can use artificial flowers and fruit pictures for the decoration. For making party fun make posters like ” I love bananas”, “bananas make me feel happy”, “I am sexy because I eat healthy”……. You can also purchase props from us from the below link

    1) Write things with yellow color: In this game ask all member ladies to Write name of all yellow things. Ask this to write in 30 seconds, and lady who write maximum yellow colour things will be the winner of the game.
    2) Mango word Search
    In this you will have to search come words related to summer season. People will be given 1 minute for this. Member to search maximum number of words wins the game. You can purchase this game at the below link.
    3) Count the Mango : This is a paper game in which the members will be given 1 minute and they have to count the numbers of mangoes of different types. The member to count the maximum number of mangoes wins the game.
    4) Tambola Games: You can find a host of tambola games at below link.
    So here are 5 themes that gets you covered for your SUMMER THEME KITTY. For more details and themes you can visit our website
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