Bulk Tickets/Cards

Do you require printed Tambola Housie Cards/Tickets in bulk?
We have some cool options for bulk buying. Get cool discounts/offers on bulk buying. Bulk buying can be of 2 types. Firstly, buying same design cards in bulk quantity. Secondly, buying different designs in reasonable quantities which sums up to bulk quantity. These are available at attractive prices. Bulk buying of cards can be required for 1 time buying of multiple designs, for a large gathering, society meet, functions or for reselling. Get number of tickets as per your need. You can have your Name, Club, Event name, Shop name on Tickets.

Contact us to know pricing structure for buying printed cards/tickets in bulk.


Earn by selling printed tickets & cards. Sell cards from shop, home, exhibition or whatsapp. Discounted price range (as compared to regular price) for bulk quantity.

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