SWAT Identity - Search for Matching Identity Card


SWAT Identity is a Club, Social Gathering, Fest and Kitty party entertainer entertainment game played between 15 or more people. SWAT means Square, Wheel, Addition, Triangle. It is based on searching for same Identity. Search for person having same Identity Card i.e. SWAT Identity and Win. Each SWAT Identity Card is made of 16 items from 4 attributes. There are 4 Shapes (Square, Wheel, Addition, Triangle), 4 Colours (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow), 4 Designs (Fill, Line, Dots, Pattern) at 4 Positions (1, 2, 3, 4). Guests/Players have to stick it to their Shirts/Top Pocket (as Identity Card) and find exact match of their Identity Card. Matching should be done for all 4 attributes i.e. Shape, Colour, Design and Position. If such a combination is found then both the Players win.

SWAT Identity is an ice-breaker game and involves chit chatting.


Each Identity Card known as SWAT Identity has a different combination of Shape, Colour, Design and Position. Players put up these cards at the usual place of Identity Cards i.e. around Shirt Pockets. Players have to search for same SWAT Identity amongst all playing. If such Identity is found then players win. There would be only limited (or only 1) set of same SWAT Identity during a game.


  • Set of SWAT Identity cards
  • Safety Pins/Identity Card Holders

Unique about SWAT Identity

Various formats of SWAT Identity makes it unique and interesting. Check them out here.

who can play

Anyone above the age of 6 can play SWAT Identity who can identify Shapes for SWAT Identity classic and for other formats depending on the knowledge.