taG-yaB - Connect Numbers


taG-yaB is an route travel number based entertaining and time pass game. It is a Club, Social Gathering, Fests and Kitty party entertainer game played between 4 or more people. taG-yaB means 'Travel and Go - You are Ban'. It is based on connecting numbers i.e. travelling from (or linking) one number to another. There are Numbers (present in cells), Go (Green) and Ban (Red) Lines, Zones. Played somewhat similar to Tambola Housie. A number is called, player marks the boundary around the number i.e. makes a square on the cell boundary. This boundary is use to travel to another number by using connecting boundaries.

taG-yaB is a fun and engaging game.


Each Card known as taG-yaB has a different combination of numbers, Go & Red Lines along with Zones. Player needs to build routes from one end to other end and between zones. It is 90 number based game. 81 numbers are present on a card with 1 number in each cell. In some formats some of these cells can be blank and in other cases are special zones. 81 numbers are present in 9x9 grid. Grid is divided into 9 Columns and 9 Rows. 9 Columns are divided into 3 Sectors with 3 columns in one sector. 1 sector has 27 numbers. Like Sector 1 has Columns 1 to 3, Numbers from 1 to 30. 90 numbers are distributed in 9 lists with 10 numbers in each list. Each Column is assinged 1 such list. Each Sector consists of 3 such lists based on column. 1 number from every list is skipped. So 9 numbers from every list are present. Route cannot be made using Red/Ban Lines. Go (green) lines can be used for connecting boundaries.


  • Set of taG-yaB cards
  • Pen/markers (should not be Green or Red)

Unique about taG-yaB

Various formats of taG-yaB makes it unique and interesting. Check them out here.

who can play

Anyone above the age of 12 can play taG-yaB who can identify numbers for taG-yaB classic and for other formats depending on the knowledge.