kukuba - the fun entertainer game


kukuba is a family, group (small & large) and kitty party entertainer board game played between 3 or more people (upto 100 or even thousands). It is similar to tambola/housie game with some twists. A caller picks a kuba randomly and announce it. Players have to strike that kuba on their card if it exists. If all kubas are striked, player have to shout kukuba to announce a win.


  • a kukuba game board with 1-90 numbers
  • set of kukuba cards
  • a marker/pen to strike out kubas

Unique about Kukuba

Various formats of Kukuba makes it unique and interesting. Check them out here.

who can play

anyone above the age of 5 can play kukuba who knows counting for kukuba classic and for other formats depending on the knowledge.

what is a kuba?

A kuba is a single number, name, a cue on a kukuba card. Like in a kukuba simple it is a number, for a theme based kukuba it is a name.

Kukuba Fantastic 300?

Kukuba Cards with different formats have been clubbed into 1 set of tickets (5-in-1, as PDF). It includes various formats like Joker, Power, Double, Short and Bollywood. It has 300 tickets in all with 60 tickets of each format. Kukuba Sample