Various formats of lanuk

lanuk game would be coming in many formats. Currently Classic Lanuk is available which is unique and interesting. If we compare it with the game of tambola then we can say that tambola is simple and monotonus with no options for player's engagement while lanuk is interesting which gives an opprtunity for players to engage as well.

lanuk classic

lanuk Classic is the game of connecting Hotel Rooms. With 1-70 numbers on the board.

A room has a Key when a number is called (if it is present on card). Various patterns like circles, rectangles, diamond, first floor, second floor, third floor and others can be considered for winning. To win a pattern all rooms (or suites) of the pattern should be open (or have a key) i.e. connected rooms should have a key e.g. to complete pattern of Circles, rooms 12 and 14 along with connecting rooms 1, 29, 33 and 45 should have keys.