how to play lanuk

Lanuk is a family and kitty party entertainer board game played between 3 or more people. It is a 70 number game with 10 rooms (numbers) and LANUK (5 suites) on a card. Caller picks a number (key or room number) randomly and announces it. Players have to insert key for that room (strike that number) on their card if it is present. If all connected rooms (numbers) of a pattern have a key (are striked), player has to say pattern name to announce a win. For Lanuk same Tambola/Housie board can be used.


There are Keys (numbers), Rooms and Suites. 2 steps are there: Get Key (strike number) and Open Room (or Suite). Get key means when a number is called player gets the Key of the Room (if present on their card). Open Room means when all connected Rooms have a key then a room is considered to be open e.g. Room 12 is considered to be open when keys of Rooms 1, 12, 29 and 33 are present.

Classic Lanuk

A room has a Key when a number is called (if it is present on card). Various patterns like circles, rectangles, diamond, first floor, second floor, third floor and others can be considered for winning. To win a pattern all rooms (or suites) of the pattern should be open (or have a key) i.e. connected rooms should have a key e.g. to complete pattern of Circles, rooms 12 and 14 along with connecting rooms 1, 29, 33 and 45 should have keys.