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pingu is a family and kitty party entertainer board game played between 3 or more people. It is based on Points and Numbers. Collect points to win. It is a 90 number game with 18 Numbers and 4 Circles/Colours. Caller picks a number randomly and announces it. Players have to strike the number on their Pingu Cards.


Each Circle/Colour has different numbers present. 1st Circle (Green) has 3 numbers. 2nd Circle (Yellow) has 4 Numbers. 3rd Circle (Blue) has 5 Numbers. 4th Circle (Red) has 6 Numbers.
Points are given to each number depending on the Circle it is present in. Numbers in Green Circle are of 1 Point each. Numbers in Yellow Circle are of 2 Points each. Numbers in Blue Circle are of 3 Points each. Numbers in Red Circle are of 4 Points each.

Strike Numbers - Collect Points - Make Point Combinations - Win


  • a pingu game board with 1-90 numbers (tambola board can be used)
  • set of pingu cards
  • a marker/pen to strike out numbers

Unique about pingu

Various formats of pingu makes it unique and interesting. Check them out here.

who can play

anyone above the age of 8 can play pingu who knows counting for pingu classic and for other formats depending on the knowledge.