how to play pingu

pingu is a family and kitty party entertainer board game played between 3 or more people. It is based on Points and Numbers. Collect points to win. It is a 90 number game with 18 Numbers and 4 Circles/Colours. Caller picks a number randomly and announces it. Players have to strike the number on their Pingu Cards.


Each Circle/Colour has different numbers present. 1st Circle (Green) has 3 numbers. 2nd Circle (Yellow) has 4 Numbers. 3rd Circle (Blue) has 5 Numbers. 4th Circle (Red) has 6 Numbers.
Points are given to each number depending on the Circle it is present in. Numbers in Green Circle are of 1 Point each. Numbers in Yellow Circle are of 2 Points each. Numbers in Blue Circle are of 3 Points each. Numbers in Red Circle are of 4 Points each.

Strike Numbers - Collect Points - Make Point Combinations - Win

Classic pingu

4 different Circles/Colours are present. Numbers in each Colour has different points. Collect Points by striking numbers in colours. Make Points combination to Win.

Dividends: Pingu - 50 Points - Full House; Numbers in Same Circle/Colour: Green - 3 Points, Yellow - 8 Points, Blue - 15 Points, Red - 24 Points; Numbers in Different Circles: 10 Points, 5 Points; Numbers from Any Circles: 25, 33, 41 Points etc.

pingu Circles

18 numbers are present on each card. 4 circles/groups are present. Blue circle (Dots) has 3 numbers, Green Circle (Dashes) has 4 numbers, Orange Circle (Smiley) has 5 numbers, Brown Circle (Round) has 6 numbers.

Dividends: Blue: 3 Numbers of Blue Circle, Green: 4 Numbers of Green Circle, Orange: 5 Numbers of Orange Circle, Brown: 6 Numbers of Brown Circle, Pingu: Full House (All Numbers of Blue + Green + Orange + Brown Circles), Smiley: All Numbers of Blue + Green + Orange Circles, Dashed: All Numbers of Blue + Green Circles, 1 number of each circle, Early 5, Smallest 5 numbers, Largest 5 numbers, Smallest Numbers from each Group, Largest Numbers from each Group