Various formats of pingu

pingu game would be coming in many formats. Currently Classic pingu is available which is unique and interesting. If we compare it with the game of tambola then we can say that tambola is simple and monotonus with no options for player's engagement while pingu is interesting which gives an opprtunity for players to engage as well.

Classic pingu

4 different Circles/Colours are present. Numbers in each Colour has different points. Collect Points by striking numbers in colours. Make Points combination to Win.

Dividends: Pingu - 50 Points - Full House; Numbers in Same Circle/Colour: Green - 3 Points, Yellow - 8 Points, Blue - 15 Points, Red - 24 Points; Numbers in Different Circles: 10 Points, 5 Points; Numbers from Any Circles: 25, 33, 41 Points etc.

pingu Circles

18 numbers are present on each card. 4 circles/groups are present. Blue circle (Dots) has 3 numbers, Green Circle (Dashes) has 4 numbers, Orange Circle (Smiley) has 5 numbers, Brown Circle (Round) has 6 numbers.

Dividends: Blue: 3 Numbers of Blue Circle, Green: 4 Numbers of Green Circle, Orange: 5 Numbers of Orange Circle, Brown: 6 Numbers of Brown Circle, Pingu: Full House (All Numbers of Blue + Green + Orange + Brown Circles), Smiley: All Numbers of Blue + Green + Orange Circles, Dashed: All Numbers of Blue + Green Circles, 1 number of each circle, Early 5, Smallest 5 numbers, Largest 5 numbers, Smallest Numbers from each Group, Largest Numbers from each Group